About Us

Payteam is a premier small business payroll provider with a passion for small business payroll. We serve the market we know best: the 1-500 employee companies.
Our easy to read reports and flexibility in hour reporting methods, makes Payteam a popular choice for small to mid sized businesses throughout the Southland. We do payroll your way. If you want to fax your hours, or enter them on-line, you can. Or if you want to talk to your payroll specialist every payroll… It’s your choice, it’s your payroll.

Payteam is a trusted partner for small to medium sized businesses, whether you have 1 employee or 500; Payteam stands ready to give you and your company the service experience you won’t get from our competitors.
We are strongly committed to customer service. We know producing a paycheck and reports are the easy tasks for most payroll providers. We go the extra mile, by delivering a customer service experience that our competitors can only dream of providing. You’ll never find yourself in “voice mail jail”. Your processor will be available when you need them. Guaranteed.

That’s because from day one we‘ve been dedicated to serving you, our customer, and continually strive to make your experience easy and enjoyable, Payroll is not a product, but a service … and we know that.
WebPay- Remote access your accounts from any computer, download reports, enter hours and change employee data when it’s convenient for you, anytime day or night.

We understand the unique needs of small businesses. And we are flexible enough to meet and exceed your expectations each and every time.